Monday, 6 April 2015

Reasons to be happy #1

1) Slow weekend starts with new bedding

I treated myself to some fancy new bedding from John Lewis recently. It was a hard fought battle between the homeware section and the Nars counter but as a wise friend said to me: 'You spend at least 8 hours a day in your bed' so it seemed like a safe investment. It's a beautiful white set and it makes waking up during the week feel less like a chore. On the weekends I like to wake up early, pull the blind up and snuggle down whilst the sun warms my bed. If only there was someone to bring me a cup of tea in bed, then it would be perfect.

2) New hair

I went to the salon to undergo a hair transformation again. In the wake of my break up in the summer I dyed my hair 'half blonde' as my mother would say. The hairdresser would call it ombré. It seems like a thing women do after break ups where they want to drastically change something about themselves to get some control back. Changing my hair seemed easier and less risky than a tattoo or a new piercing. The ombré was enough for my mother to handle. There's something decadent about someone washing your hair for you, I'm tempted to make my visit to the hair dressers a fortnightly thing. I feel like I can handle anything life throws at me with a blow dry.

3) Running/jogging/walking fast

My ventures into the gym are paying off. Not only are people who haven't seen me in months commenting on my skinnier face, but I can now run for a full five minutes without feeling like I'm about to projectile vomit. Serious achievement. At 4ft11 my stumpy legs feel pretty useless but they've been doing well so far. I'm using an app called C25K and it's changed my life. I have so far only run on the treadmill but this weekend I ventured out at 07:30 to try running outside. No one warned me how hard that would be but it felt like a great achievement once I was back on my couch processing what I had just done. Baby steps but steps forward regardless.

4) House proud

My home is my castle. I live by myself and having a safe haven where I can feel relaxed is so important to me. Every week I treat myself to beautiful flowers, I have a preferred florist I use and we've struck up a lovely friendship. Spring means that there is so much floral variety I almost don't know where to look first and what to choose. This weekend I rescued the pink lilies from the bin in work, they remind me of my mum and make me feel closer to her even though she's thousands of miles away.

5) Easter brunching with friends

Flowers, food and friends are the three F's my life largely revolves around. This bank holiday I had the pleasure of a house guest (in the form of Sophie) and of course we couldn't start into our long weekend without a good breakfast. After my attempt of an outdoor I run grabbed some bread from the farmers marker and stocked up on fresh fruit and eggs. My achievement of the weekend was making poached eggs for the first time. Brunches chez Nina have become something of a tradition which I'm more than happy to carry on.

What's made you happy this week?

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  1. This is a lovely post and you mention so many wonderful things that we could all do with remembering. I'm going through the breakup thing right now and just want to change everything about myself, but I'm trying to be positive and do things for 'me'. I'd love to take up jogging like you :)

    Natasha |

  2. I do love some fresh new bedding. I've opted for John Lewis bedding too but bought a cheap George one with a cute illustrated London print to spruce up my spare room.
    I've always got a bunch or roses in my kitchen window, the Lidl ones last for a couple of weeks so I don't feel too bad for spending money on cut flowers. It's surprising how much some flowers can alter your mood and brighten up a space.

  3. Great post. I love new bedding. I always change hair post break up too! M xx


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