Saturday, 23 May 2015

Stay Local

It's no secret that I am a massive homebody. I think it's years of travelling back and forth between boarding school and where my parents lived that have made me so keen to grow roots in one place and find my true 'home'. I've lived in Cardiff since 2009 and I can't imagine living any where else. My feeling of contentment has only grown since living alone and having a full time job. Having my own place and my own disposable income lets me live the life I want to live as far as possible. 

One of the my favourite things about where I live is that my local community has everything I could want. 

My weekends will begin with the occessional lap around the local park well before anyone else is up. This is more to do with the fact that I want as few people as possible seeing me 'run' rather than anything to do with me being an early riser. But I've found some sense of fun in 'running' especially when the scenery is so beautiful.

Post run cup of tea and rest on the couch, I'll rattle myself into some kind of shape and head to the local market which is on every Saturday from 9:30. Here I pick up my organic eggs, Welsh butter, flowers, sourdough bread, vegetables and fruit. 

Counterproductive to my 'jog' and gym efforts is my favourite stall: Pwdin Cart. Pwdin is Welsh for pudding and as you can imagine they serve up some amazing cakes. I've already tried the Swedish strawberry cake and the berry and lemon curd roulade. Insert heart eye emoji. Love of cake is firmly part of my German heritage, there's really nothing better than a cup of tea with some homemade cake. My personal trainer would be disappointed but it makes me happy so in the grand scheme of things how bad can it be?

 Covent Garden Flowers

Normally I can pick up some flowers from the market, but if I'm feeling a little extravagant (normally directly after pay day) then I will treat myself to some flowers from my all time favourite florist. I spent the first five years of my life in Holland and have such strong memories of my mother buying beautiful flowers for the house. Some people might think flowers are a waste of money but they bring me such joy and add that special pop of colour to my flat. 

If I'm having friends round for breakfast brunches then I go all out and make sure to have a good selection. Flowers have that ability to make a house a home. 


To round off a successful day of 'running' and general housework it comes down to Hokkei. Founded by two Welsh contestants who met on Masterchef, Dale and Larkin wanted to bring tasty Chinese food to Cardiff. Their journey even has its own show on BBC charting the ups and downs of their business. Hokkei is another reason why living in Cardiff is so exciting, people here are ambitious and want to try new things. Plus the food is amazing, ethically sourced ingredients and great taste, what's not to love?

Cardiff may not be London in terms of sheer scale and things to do, but this is my home and there's a lot to love and enjoy about this corner of South Wales.

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  1. Fab photos nina, really enjoyed this post.

    Love picking up fresh flowers on a weekend :)

    Right Up My Street | UK Fashion & Lifestyle Blog


  2. A good way to spend a Saturday. I feel totally inspired by your small but beautiful shopping list!

  3. We spend our days around Cardiff doing such similar things and visiting the same places, I'm surprised our paths haven't crossed more often. x

  4. Ahh I love Cardiff, I live like a 20 minute drive away, your photos are beautiful :) x


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