Saturday, 25 July 2015

Nina Eats - The Depot (again)

By now it's fairly obvious that most of my life revolves around food, so with that in mind a visit to The Depot was on the cards (again). 

The Depot opened last November in a disused warehouse on one of Cardiff's slightly more intimidating streets. Getting there usually involved following trendy Urban Outfitter types with beards. Once you've safely located the warehouse it all feels very 'Shoreditch'. Exposed wood? Yes. Funky lighting? Yes. Mismatching furniture? Yes. Ping pong tables? Why not?

Accompanied by the ever delightful WGP, in true welsh girl style we headed straight to the bar. Cocktails in hand we did a circuit of the vendors. I take these kinds of things very seriously so all food options had to be considered.

What's very different about the Depot this time around is the expanded beer garden. Last November this was mainly just the smoking area so it's nice that it's had a bit of a facelift. Sun, cocktails and food what more could you want?

So let's get to the food. Having already demolish a Philly Cheese Steak Co sandwich on a previous occasion (and what a game changer that was!) I had my sights set elsewhere.  Both Brother Thai and Little Bao Peep caught my eye but in the end the promise of freshly and spicy pad thai won me over.

Ready in next to no time it was also gone in next to no time. I'm drooling just thinking about it now. Cardiff really lacks some excellent Thai places so I'm glad Brother Thai are around because I will be back for more.

Other highlights include the fabulous Pizza Pronto Penarth with their amazing dough sticks and nutella. Also gone in mere seconds.  WGP and me rounded off our evening by indulging in some Science Cream - ice cream made with liquid nitrogen.  The Welsh Strawberry was their homage to Wimbledon and tasted amazing.

All in all, it was another great evening. Depot also have a DJ playing all evening so it's a great place for you and your friends to come for a drink and plenty of food.  The Depot is open until the end of August, so I'll probably end up visiting again especially if more vendors get added to the bill.

Cardiff people: grab your friends and make sure you visit The Deopt but come with an empty stomach.

Pad Thai from Brother Thai

Peaches with balsamic glaze pizza from Pizza Pronto

Dough sticks with nutella again from Pizza Pronto

Welsh Strawberry from Science Cream

The Depot:

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