Saturday, 12 September 2015

Autumn is Coming

Tea samples C/O Blue Bird Tea Co.
Autumn is coming!!! 

Extra exclamation marks are needed because this is my favourite time of year. I think it's the changing colour of the leaves, the weather becoming cooler and the nights growing dark are all part of a bigger picture reflecting change and transition.  Last summer was incredibly difficult for me so that might also be part of the reason why I'm relieved summer is over.

As a homebody I also love autumn because it gives me the perfect excuse to stay inside and be cosy  with a cup of tea and Netflix in my little flat nest.  So Blue Bird Tea Company pretty much read my mind when they got in touch to see if I'd like to give their autumn collection a whirl.

Bluebird Tea Company was set up by Kris and Mike in Brighton who are incredibly passionate about how fun and versatile tea can be.  The company motto is 'Spreading happiness, one cupful at a time'.  They are also the only tea company in the UK that specialises in developing their own unique and exciting flavours.  A quick look at the website will confirm this, there are flavours that I would have never even thought about.  I'm passionate about supporting independents and unique business so this is right up my street.

Nuts About You - is a rooibos based tea with almond and cinnamon.  I've tested this out on friends and we've all agreed it's delicious.  It's a light but flavoursome tea that reminds me of marzipan.  Best enjoyed with a cinnamon roll.

Spiced Pumpkin Pie - it seems that for most the arrival of autumn is heralded with Starbuck's infamous pumpkin spiced latte.  Not a Starbucks fan myself, this tea is the perfect way of celebrating autumn.  This is Bluebird's limited edition and you can pick up a 150 gram refill pouch which will make you about 100 cups of tea for a mere £9 (probably around 3 Starbucks drinks?) and is far superior to the overly sugary Starbucks version.

Kung Flu Fighter - I'm always the one in the office with a sniffly nose and feeling sorry for myself. I'm hoping this herbal tea will be able to keep the winter cold bugs at bay.  In the office we have dreadful PG tips tea so I'll be making a big thermos flask of this tea to power through my long days at work.

Pudina Chai - I'm guilty of playing it safe (or boring?) and sticking to the original Mr Grey.  Earl Grey that is.  But this cup of tea is quite something else.  Pudina is Hindi and Urdu for mint which is a popular Ayurvedic herb used in traditional Indian recipes for everything from rice to tea.  This is the perfect cup of tea to accompany me when I'm day dreaming about far off places and packing up my suitcase.

I can't recommend Bluebird enough.  They have such a wide variety of teas which come in different quantities so whether you just want to try some new teas or stock up your favourites in bulk, there's something for everyone.  Bluebird also stock all the apparatus you need to make your perfect cup of tea, from tea infusers to beautiful glass teapots.  If you have a tea addict in your house this should be your first stop off point in the run up to Christmas (apologies for the C word so early!).

With my well stocked tea cupboard I'm now ready to face autumn and all the change that it will bring.  Come at me autumn, I can't wait.

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  1. I wish I enjoyed fruity teas, I love english breakfast so much that i've never really been able to deviate from the theme. I adore your photography style at the moment too, so broody and arty!

    Charlotte xx
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