Friday, 13 November 2015

Straight Outta Cardiff

Jacket: Vintage
Shoes, scarf and jeans: Topshop
Bag: GAP
T-Shirt: Ebay
My pinterest board is filled with tall blonde Scandinavian women wearing COS, Acne Studios and the like.  I keep trying to feed some of that 'Scandi coolness' into my life but then I see t-shirts like this and I get sucked into the whole novelty dressing idea.  Do I need to wear faux fur and a hat? Probably not.  Does it make me feel like a famous movie star? Absolutely.  

My friend Fiona snapped these of me last weekend.  People who aren't interested in blogging don't understand the need to photograph outfits.  I have an old friend visiting me this coming weekend and I don't think he'll be as understanding. Taking photos of my outfits is more than the #ootd tag on Instagram, for me it's about being confident and feeling good in my skin and clothes.  Am I so wrong for wanting to document that?

Anyway, November is rolling onwards so quickly and before you know it I'm back in Brazil for Christmas again.  My summer trip to Rio feels as if it was yesterday and not back in August.

So far this November I'm:

Listening: to Chet Faker's cover of No Diggity. This version sounds positively romantic. 
Reading: The Sunday Times. I now have a subscription for the weekend, I'm obviously an adult now. Blog wise: I adore Jane's blog and seeing her life in Australia.
Watching: Netflix's documentary Winter on Fire, about the uprising in the Ukraine in 2014. I cried, got angry and was left speechless. 
Discovering: That I can run. More on that later.
Goal setting: Not letting negativity into my life, accepting it and moving on

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  1. That t-shirt is the best! Love it!

  2. Haha so true, most of the time when I go to take outfit pictures I realise the outfit isn't that great objectively, but makes me feel good.

    Brazil again! Looking forward to living through your photos again this time. And thanks for the shout out :)


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