Thursday, 26 November 2015

Throwback Thursday #1

Welcome to a new little series on my little blog.  I love seeing everyone's #throwbackthursday posts on Instagram, it's a small window into people's lives, especially in an age where social media has changed so much.  I want to use this series to explore some photos and memories form my lifein more detail, with the gift of hindsight and some more wisdom.

When: 7th March 2013
Where: Île de Paris, Paris France
Why: A city break
With whom: He Who Shall Not Be Named #1 (HWSNBN #1)

These photos were taken on a trip to Paris to celebrate an anniversary with a person I'm no longer with.  They're a little bittersweet to look at now, but thankfully most of the photos are of me or beautiful buildings, there aren't many of He Who Shall Not Be Named #1.  Paris was an easy trip to make from the UK and I'd only been to Paris once before so it seemed like a nice trip to take.  I'd spent the year before that living in France for 9 months so it was also a good excuse to refresh my French.

These photos are from the first real day of our trip weekend trip.  I wore the biggest hat I owned, trying to channel my best inner Parisian but I clearly stood out like a sore thumb because two minutes into the Metro I almost got pick-pocketed.  It was quite an upsetting experience to have your personal space so violated and I was on edge for the rest of the trip.  The rest of the day was just exploring Paris on foot including the Louvre, a pit stop at Ladurée and the Arc de Triomph.  There is something so special about Paris which just captures your heart instantly.

Posting these photos after the horrible attacks feels poignant.  Paris is always a good idea, there is an energy to Paris and despite my bittersweet memories of this place (both pickpocketing and HWSNBN #1) it's dear to my heart.  Looking at all the photos from my trip makes me want jump onto the next available Eurostar.

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