Wednesday, 30 December 2015


I barely remember 2015. Looking for photos for this post was strange because I genuinely couldn't remember some of the things that took place. For example I forgot that for three months of 2015 I had blonde hair, it doesn't seem real.

I'm going to start with the negatives of 2015 first so that they're out of the way.

This was my first full year of being a working 'adult' and I think that's what's been the big change. It's been a bit of an odd year in that sense. I started 2015 feeling optimistic and putting heartbreak behind me. Towards the end of this year I feel like I've just run out of steam and that I've disappointed myself a little professionally. It's been very much an exhausting year, it's been an uphill struggle into the working world but hopefully I can be much more prepared for 2016.

That would be the low points: struggling with a work life balance, wanting to perform in my job but also wanting to have some semblance of a life outside of work. I let struggling at work affect my personal life in the sense that I got a little sidetracked when it came to taking care of myself. Blogging fell completely off my radar. I lost all interest and drive. It's been a real mixed bags. Some days I felt on top of the moon and other days getting out of bed and being focused felt like the biggest struggle. Loneliness crept in a little and that sense that I'm just running around in a hamster wheel endlessly. 

The upsides of this year are thankfully more numerous:

  • I graduated for the second time. I now have the letters 'BA, MSc' after my name which is one hell of an achievement
  • I celebrated my four year anniversary of being self harm free, which I think I'm more proud of than graduating with a merit (see here)
  • I got a promotion and a pay rise at work
  • Being able to visit my family in Brazil two times

But the foundation of the 'best of 2015' is two fold: my friends and finding a sense of inner happiness and peace.

Once again I have been so fortunate (and hashtag blessed) to have an amazing group of women around me whom I adore. I've always been a girl's girl and I love having such strong and supportive females around me. They've made me laugh, cheered me on and have helped me in ways they probably didn't realise. I don't think this year would have been the same without them. Whether it's a weekend brunch at mine, or a coffee after work they are always there. Thanks girls, you know who you are!

Secondly, I've turned a corner in finding my inner sense of happiness and contentment. I put that down to learning to run and just learning how to be alone. In January I set myself the mission of being able to run 5km. In November I ended up doing my first 10km run. It pretty much blew my mind. I've also accepted that being single is not a curse. I've been on funny Tinder dates, some terrible Tinder dates or just spent time alone. Dating and being in a relationship is no longer my priority. My own happiness and that of people around me is my priority. I'm learning to look after myself; whether that's by going to acupuncture or going for a run or eating that burger, I am trying to enjoy my life the way I want to.

So what are my 2016 resolutions?

- Focus on being successful at work, keep kicking ass and stay calm
- Travel more
- Continue to spend time with people that are good for me and whom I care about
- Continue to nurture the relationship I have with myself, both physically and mentally

I don't know what 2016 is going to bring. I don't want to expect too much, as long as I have my friends, my drive in my job and well being anything else that happens is just one great bonus.

I hope you all have a good start into 2016. Remember to stay focused, work on being independent and surround yourself with good people. 

"With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts" Eleanor Roosevelt 

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  1. Happy New Year Nina :)
    It sounds like you've achieved loads in 2015. I also started running this year and have been amazed at the sense of achievement it's given me. Adjusting to working life is hard; getting a decent work-life balance is a difficult thing.

    Liz xx
    Distract Me Now Please


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