Wednesday, 16 December 2015

A breather

Headphones: Vasa by Sudio Sweden* Tea: Snowball by Bluebird* Mug: Welsh Girl Problems  

In the run up to Christmas things can get hectic. I don't know whether it's the fact that everyone else around me seems to be going at 100 miles per hour or whether it's because I'm normally counting down the days until I get on the plane to see my family abroad. Work also seems to be a mad rush, there aren't ever enough hours in the office to finish everything off and to have a fresh start for the New Year.

Christmas in Europe is a little overwhelming for me. I grew up in a Muslim country and so this obsession with spending lots of money and frantic Christmas shopping is a bit alien to me. Cardiff is chockablock full of people on the weekend laden with bags and handing over their credits cards. It all gets a bit too much for me.

With all of this hype going on around me I like to make the most of my weekends and just take a deep breather and shut the busy world out for a little bit. The key ingredients to a restful and peaceful weekend are as follows: good music, a good book and a good cup of tea. I don't know about you but I'm a massive homebody or as my German mother would say: ein Stubenhocker, but there's no shame in that when the weather is bad right?

To help me take a breather and get into the festive spirit I'm...

Listening: to the new Adele album and trying not to cry on the way to work. Good headphone are key to the whole Adele experience and I can't recommend the Sudio Vasa headphones enough (you lucky lot get 15% off your order when you use the discount code the.littlenomad15). 
Reading:  Alexa Chung's It, a little vapid and not much substance in parts but 10/10 for presentation and the instagram worthy quotes. 
Watching: I'm still obsessed with documentaries on Netflix, this December I highly recommend Going Clear which is about former members of the Church of Scientology. Not exactly light viewing (I'm leaning more towards creepy) but fascinating nonetheless.
Discovering: that marshmallow and tea really does go amazingly well together and that it's a thing of beauty. Thank you Bluebird for opening my eyes to amazing tea blends and for bringing the unexpected. If you're quick and put an order in before the 18th of December you can still get tea in time for Christmas and wow your friends and relatives with something a bit more unusual. 
Goal setting: this year I plan to truly relax and enjoy my Christmas break. When I went on holiday in August I felt so guilty for not being in work and was constantly anxious about what was going on in my absence. This year I'm taking a deep breath and just switching off. Even I deserve some time off!

What have you guys enjoyed so far this December? Does anyone else get really stressed this time of year or is it just me?

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  1. It's not quite as hectic here as it is in the Northern Hemisphere but the shops do get busier this time of year and my general rule is to avoid them as much as I can & I find quiet coffee spots do me best. Alexa Chung's book is something that has been on my list too!
    TV, Turmeric, Tea


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