Thursday, 3 December 2015

Throwback Thursday #2

When: 29 December 2013
Where: Barr Al Hikman, Al Wasta Governorate, Oman
Why: A post Christmas 2 night camping trip
With whom: The family and some German friends

These photos make my heart ache a little because of how much I miss Oman.  My parents and I moved to Oman when I was five years old and apart from two years spent in Qatar we lived in Oman until September 2014.  There's a giant Oman shaped hole in my heart.  If you've never been to the Middle East then I don't think I can fully explain how much this part of the world touches your heart and how devastated I am every time I turn the news and see more war in the Middle East.  It breaks my heart.

2013 was my last Christmas in Oman.  We all knew it but we didn't try and overthink it too much. We always had a tradition of packing up our bags and throwing everything into the back of our 4x4 so why change that?

We drove to one of our favourite camping spots that we first visited in the 90s when we first moved to Oman.  Barr Al Hikman is quite a long drive from the capital Muscat, about 4 to 5 hours.  It's also a pretty treacherous drive as you have to tackle the dangerous salt flats.  We went at it alone and got our car stuck, in hindsight it was all very dramatic but we had a cooler full of food and wine so it wouldn't have been the end of the world.

What you forget about camping is how clear the air is and how bright the stars shine when you're away from the city lights.  The night sky in Barr Al Hikman was lit up like a Christmas tree, it's a sight I won't ever forget.

These photos make me sad and happy.  When I look at them I miss my home with such intensity, but I also smile because I remember how at peace I felt and how connected with the land and the sea.

I'll be back one day, I have to.

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  1. Wow, your photos are so nice, Oman seems like a great place. I wish the media would highlight the positives of the Middle East, because I'm pretty sure that many places in the Middle East are not war-torn and corrupt like they portray it. My friend currently lives in Dubai, but he travels a lot through Lebanon, Oman, Jordan, and he absolutely loves it. Beirut is his favorite city in fact.
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