Thursday, 17 December 2015

Throwback Thursday #3

When: February 12 2012
Where: Barcelona, Spain
Why: A city break to visit a university friend

You know when time flies by you so fast that you feel like you've forgotten certain parts of your life? My undergraduate degree feels like that, especially my third year. I studied French and English Literature and as part of my degree I had to spend one year living in France. It was actually the reason I started this blog and if you feel like devaluing into my ERASMUS archive you're very welcome to. It all feels like a dream that never happened and the only reason I remember it actually did is because of this blog.

My nine months in France were a mixed bag. Frankly I didn't speak much French, ate too much bread and drank too much cheap white wine. C'est la vie, as they say. But probably one of the best memories that came out of my year abroad was my trip to Barcelona.

One of the girls that I became very close in Montpellier also studied Spanish, so for the second half of her year abroad she moved to Barcelona. It was an opportunity I couldn't pass up on, so I grabbed my passport and hopped on the train from Montpellier to Spain. I think it was only a 4 hour trip but it felt like a lifetime. I remember the scenery changing so dramatically from France to Spain and feeling a bit like I was in a Hemingway novel.

The winter we had in Montpellier was very mild and knowing that Barcelona was by the sea I didn't expect it to be cold. This turned out to be an error. The sharpest memory I have from this trip is of Ellie and me shivering in her non heatable apartment in all the layers we could find. We went out for drinks one weekend and it even snowed. 

Everyone warned me before going to Barcelona - 'watch your bags' 'you'll be pick pocketed' and so on, but I had an amazing time (despite the cold). There's just something magical about Barcelona. Maybe it was the warm and soft February lighting on the beautiful buildings, maybe it was the amazing company I had and the laughs we had whilst exploring Park Guell or maybe it was just being in a new country and exploring.

This was only three years ago but I remember having such a zest for life back then and feeling free and confident. Time to bring some of those old emotions out of hiding for 2016.

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