Sunday, 21 February 2016

Alone Time

So despite living alone I struggle with finding that perfect 'alone time' feeling. 

I think it's mostly to down to the fact that I'm still trying to find that perfect work life balance and during the week I'm normally too exhausted to try and find some me time which is actually a little sad.

This weekend I wanted to make sure that I spent some time outside of the house relaxing and doing something a little different. I try and reserve my Sunday's as sofa days so it seemed a shame to waste Saturday by sitting on the couch as well. A day at the museum and a delicious brunch seemed like a cheap and fun way to get out of the house.

The weather has been grim in Cardiff recently, Saturday was no exception and I was battling with an umbrella all day. But in the end I forced myself out of the house and squelched my way to the Cardiff National Museum.

As expected because of the free entry it was quite busy. A lot of families were there with their children. Thankfully most of these people gravitated towards the exhibitions about the geology of the earth and archeology discoveries.

I had my eye set on the Ivor Davies exhibition. Sadly it was strictly no photos so you'll have to go and see that for yourself. I really enjoyed parts of the exhibition  others less so but it's great seeing some truly amazing Welsh art all under one roof.

Some Monet's 

There was a beautiful Augustus John exhibition which I enjoyed more than the Ivor Davies collection. The Augustus John collection features paintings that he never managed to complete or that were partly completed. The way the paintings were curated was wonderful as well as how they were displayed.

Even though art can be so hit and miss for me, I really enjoy going to museums alone. I always do it in London when I stay for longer than a day. My mum and I used to go to museums a lot when I was little, it's probably some of the best education you can get when you're younger. Plus when you're older it's a great place to people watch and you don't feel lonely. 

I rounded my solo day off with a visit to The Early Bird which is fast becoming one of my favourite places in Cardiff.  Having already tried their Hulk Smash (avocado on toast with poached egg) I thought it was time to try their brioche french toast with bacon. I never want to eat anything else for the rest of my life, highly recommended if you're in the area!

I tried to wait out the rain with my coffee and F. Scott Fitzgerald but the weather had other ideas. In the end I managed to swim back home and spent the rest of the evening relaxing.

Alone time is so important to me, it gives me some time to rebalance myself and focus on the week ahead. I'm going to try and actively go out by myself. A holiday alone is the next step I think! Any suggestions?

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  1. Going to museums is such a good activity to do alone, I think I even prefer it, cause you get to choose your own pace. As for a holiday alone, I just got back from Stockholm where I went by myself, it was an okay place to travel solo! A bit expensive (when converting to Aus dollars anyway) though.

  2. That sounds like a perfect day to me, I love alone time! Travelling alone is amazing too. I've found that city breaks are easier alone than beach-type holidays, because it's much easier to feel anonymous. Staying in (upmarket) hostels is also a good way to have the option of meeting people if you want to when on holiday.

    Liz x
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