Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Nina Eats - Shake Shack

Does Cardiff need another burger restaurant I hear you ask? Probably not but as far as I'm concerned it's good to have as many options as possible. Burgers are my go to when it comes to eating out and I love that we have so much choice in Cardiff now.

Shake Shack opened it's doors in Cardiff in December 2015, making it's Wales debut. It's also the first Shake Shack venture in the UK outside of London. Anything London can do, we can do (better).

It's interesting to read that Shake Shack started as a tiny hot dog cart in Madison Square Gardens in 2001. I remember reading about people queueing up around the block to get a taste, so keen to play catch up some friends and I got to visit Shake Shack and see if the hype lived up to expectations.

As with most burger places the menu was pretty comprehensible. You have a choice of hot dogs or burgers, including one vegetarian burger option. Prices start at £5.50 and with most burgers you have the option of 'doubling up'. 

There are plenty of drink choices too. We all tried different milkshakes (£5.25), I went for peanut butter and it was like drinking a Reeses peanut cup. The milkshakes cost almost as much than the basic ShackBurger (£5.50) so in the interest of money and calorie saving I wouldn't always go for the milkshake but it certainly was tasty. 

Ordering your meal is straight forward, as you would expect. You simply place your order at the till, receive a buzzer and take your seat eagerly waiting for the buzzer to star flashing. Then you go and collect it from the kitchen and get stuck in.

Fiona went for the Shack-ago Dog (£5.25), Ruth went for the SmokeShack (£7.50) and I went for the classic ShackMeister burger (£6.50) which came with ale marinated shallots, and all of us ordered a side of fries with cheese sauce (£4).

I'm just going to say it, I really really enjoyed the burger. The portion size was perfect. I managed to eat every single bite but didn't quite feel like I was going to pass out (that came around the dessert stage). The patty was tasty and well cooked, the bun held it's shape perfectly so there were no embarrassing spillages, the shallots and ShackSauce added interesting flavours and textures. A burger lives and dies by the accompanying chips in my mind. The cheese fries were probably some of the best I've had. My only niggle is that I hate having to pay extra for chips but when they are this tasty I can get over it.

We also got to tuck into the Concretes which are custard ice cream desserts. It doesn't sound appealing but they certainly tasted amazing. 5% of the sales from the Welsh Cake Jam are donated to the homeless charity Wallich. Further to their community efforts, the beef for the burgers is grass fed on Irish and British pastures and not flown in from across the world (cough Burger and Lobster cough).

You can mix up your own concretes if you're feeling up to it but our burger coma had kicked in at this point so we just happily shared them out amongst each other.

What I enjoyed about ShackShake was that you still get that 'hot dog cart' feeling. You burger comes in a little paper wrapper and the chips in a little cardboard tray. It's fast, fuss free and tasty. Just how it should be. 

Is it price worthy? Yes and no. The burgers are well priced and tasty, it's annoying that chips are extra but I'd happily do without the milkshake. It's not quite as price effective as my one of my all time favourites - The Grazing Shed, but Shake Shack is still cheaper (and better) than Five Guys. Would I go again? Yes and yes again. The location in St David's is great as you get to people watch and post food coma you can shop yourself silly in the new H&M homeware section so everyone is a winner.

Thank you for having us Shake Shack, I'll be back before you know it!

NB: I was invited to eat at Shake Shack by St David's but all opinions and thoughts are my own

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  1. those burgers looks juicy enough :) and if the meat quality is good, I rarely complain. YUMMMM But yes I always think that if the price was a bit lower, everyone would be happy.

  2. Shake Shack is life. I've been dying to try their new Chicken Sandwich, which I will on Sunday.
    Blue Jazzmin

  3. Everyone is obsessed with Shake Shack and I feel like the only person in the world who hasn't had one!


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