Sunday, 20 March 2016

25 Lessons before 25

It's a year where the number 5 seems to be popping up everywhere. On the 25th of March I turn 25 and in the summer I will be celebrating my 5th anniversary of being self harm free. It's been quite a journey these last 25 years.

I'm actually very excited about turning 25. 

Largely I feel like I've turned a corner in my life, things that used to worry me longer occupy my mind. I've become more relaxed about certain things whilst I've got a brand new outlook on some other parts of life. I feel like a lot of my life has been leading up this this age. 

Below are some lessons I've learnt on this emotional, crazy and fun journey. It's also pieces of advice that I wish someone had given me, but then I don't think I would have always believed the advice. Often we have to make our own experiences but some little pieces of advice can't go amiss.

01) Don't let your self-worth be defined by others
02) Learn to cook something, invite your friends over and have a dinner party. It's more fun and rewarding than an expensive hazy alcohol night out
03) Your friends are your biggest fans
04) Work, work and work some more - hard work is always rewarded
05) Everyone makes mistakes, learn from them and do your best not to repeat them

06) The best relationship you can have is with yourself
07) Find a hobby - learn it/enjoy it/fall in love with it and make time for it
08) All black outfits make you feel powerful - so wear them and feel strong
09) Eat that burger, it's not the end of the world to enjoy those calories
10) Boys come and go, nice shoes and diamonds are forever

11) Find that perfect red lipstick to make you feel powerful and in charge, bulk buy it and make it your signature look
12) Going out for dinner by yourself is easier than you think it is
13) It's never too early to start getting into a nighttime skin care routine
14) Don't cry over boys, do your squats and love yourself
15) Your first year of university is fun but learn how to pace yourself with the alcohol

16) Cheap white wine is never the answer
17) Being alone is good for the soul
18) Don't be disheartened when things aren't going your way - sometimes you win and sometimes you lose
19) You don't need a million friends to have valuable connections, sometimes it just takes one person
20) If it were easy, everyone would be doing it

21) Exercise is better than any medication
22) Blasting Adele at full volume and having a good cry does fix some things sometimes
23) Tell people you love them as often as you can
24) Travelling is all well and good but feeling comfortable and happy at home is just as important
25) In the wise words of RuPaul: if you can't love yourself, how in the hell can you love someone else? Amen.

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  1. Happy belated birthday <3 Hope it was an awesome one and you have an even better year ahead :)


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