Thursday, 28 April 2016

The End of April

London Retro in Bromley* | Scarlett of Soho in Churchill* both C/O Glasses Direct

Time seems to be flying and before we know it April will lead into May and then we're in the throes of summer.

Spring normally fills me with dread. Spring means that summer is close by. Summer means warmer weather and having to dig out the summer clothes. The looming summer used to make me nervous because I was so scared of having to wear summer clothes. I've always been dreadfully self conscious. If I could get away with wearing jeans and not baring my arms then I'd be a happy bunny.

However, this time I want things to be different.

I've never been one for experimenting massively with my look, I've never been particularly adventurous with my hair for example but one thing I love to change up are my glasses.

I've had to wear glasses pretty much ever since I was 11 years old. Without them I can't see a thing. Getting a new pair was always one of the highlights of the summer once the obligatory 2 year eye test came around.

The great thing about a new pair of glasses is that they each give you a completely different look. I like to have a couple of style of glasses in rotation, it's pretty much like playing dress up and getting into character. The London Retro Bromley glasses are a little retro and go with everything I own, while the grey Churchill glasses are great for work as they are both understated and yet very different to any other glasses I own.

So what do new glasses have to do with my dread of summer? Well playing around with new glasses gently pushes me out of my comfort zone. Glasses Direct make this easy by letting you pick 4 of your favourite frames and sending them to your house for you to try in the comfort of your own home. So being adventurous is really very easy after all. 

New glasses are a small step in terms of feeling more comfortable and confident in my own skin. With baby steps (and keeping up my half marathon training) by the time May comes around I'll be feeling better about myself and less worried about having to wear summer clothes.

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  1. I really dig that style of glasses! I don't wear glasses regularly but if I did I would definitely have several pairs on rotation, just for fun.

    Jane / deluminators


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