Saturday, 28 May 2016

How To Be Alone Part 4: Stay Home

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Home is where the heart is right? 

My little slightly rusty heart is curled up in my small 1 bed, open plan kitchen and living room flat on the second floor of a beautiful Victorian converted house. Visitors include my nearest and dearest and my landlord when he has to sign for my parcel or when the pipe under my sink breaks.

I've always been someone who has had to have a cosy safe haven. Especially since working full time having that special space I can retreat to is high on my priority list.

With so much going on in the 'outside' world it's easy to feel guilty about staying in. That dreaded Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) kicks in and you're furiously scrolling through Instagram wondering what everyone else is up to without you.

Of course I get that feeling of missing out as well, and there are some Sundays where unless I meet up with a friend for a walk, I can go a whole day without speaking to anyone. Once in a while it is good to just take some time away from everything and unwind.

I desperately need alone time regularly. I need to stay in my flat with the windows thrown wide open so the fresh air comes in. I need to curl up in bed with some new book and endless cups of tea. 

So how do you go about staying home and making the most of it?
  • Put the kettle on and have your favourite tea to hand
  • Make yourself your favourite breakfast, mine is either pancakes or french toast - these are quick and easy to make with things you should always keep stock piled
  • Take your fresh tea and breakfast back to your room and breakfast in bed like the royalty that you are
  • Have a bath in the middle of the day, there's nothing more luxurious or decadent than pampering yourself in the afternoon and then nesting for the rest of the day. Then lie in your towel on your bed for hours just napping
  • Have a clean out listening to your favourite playlist, a clean space will make you feel more relaxed and cosy
  • Pull some books of your bookshelf that you've been meaning to read for ages and pile them by your bed for easy access
  • Gather all your blankets and settle on the sofa with your favourite Netflix show - snacks are compulsory. Some of my current favourite shows to marathon are Grace and Frankie and Peaky Blinders
  • Alternatively watch some feel good favourites, my films of choice are Roman Holiday and Austenland
  • Wrap up your day with a face mask and your favourite home cooked meal
What are some of your stay home tips?

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