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Nina Eats - Wagamama

A few weeks ago I was invited to settle down in Wagamama's with a well deserved glass of wine and to work my way through their menu. I was allowed to bring a guest with me so I took my much taller and more glamorous sidekick Jade with me.

Jade hadn't been to Wagamama before so it was fun to experience it with her. The Wagamama in Cardiff is located in a beautiful building right next to the Cardiff Library and St David's Cardiff. It's an airy and bright location making it great for people watching.

I've been to Wagamama a few times. I enjoy the seating arrangement of the benches, it feels very communal but at the same time there's enough spacing between the seats so you don't feel like you're gatecrashing someone's dinner or date.

The staff here are great, they take you to your seats and straight away ask if you've visited before. If the answer is no, which in Jade's case it was, then they explain how it all works.  

At Wagamama there are no 'starters', if you want the side dishes specifically as a starter just let the staff know. Everything at Wagamama is cooked ready to order, there are four different sections in the kitchen each focusing on the different types of food Wagamama offers. This means that mains don't always arrive at exactly the same time, but the staff ensure that all tables are served speedily and that no one in the group has to wait too long for their food to arrive.

As you can see Jade and me took full advantage and sampled lots of things from their menu. 

We especially loved the variety of gyozas and the garlic chilli salt covered edamame. The pork steamed bun was also delicious - the bun was soft and fluffy whilst the pork melted in your mouth. Also a side note, the green tea at Wagamama is free of charge and you can top it up as much as you want. Green tea has all sorts of health benefits, but helpfully it also makes you feel less full and bloated post food overdose. So it's good to have a cup after you've worked your way through the menu.

I'm guilty of always eating the same dish when I visit. It's either the Yaki Soba, the Pad Thai or the Raisukaree (which is the delicious curry dish Jade went for). Whilst Wagamama are famed for the Katsu Chicken Curry that's not really up my street. So this time I stepped outside of my little Wagamama comfort circle and went for the Grilled Duck Donburi.  

I would without a doubt have this again. The shredded duck was perfectly cooked and really offset with the teriyaki sauce and the vegetables. The rice was super fluffy and the fried egg with the perfectly runny yolk just brought it all together. A word to the wise - this looks like a misleadingly small sized dish but it's best tackled on an empty stomach. There was a lot to get through and I'm afraid to say I was a little defeated by it.

I say we were defeated, we of course also had to give dessert a crack.  We went for the mini three dessert plate plus a side of coconut ice cream with coconut shavings and passion fruit sauce. The chocolate fudge cake was so so, the passionfruit cheesecake delicious but the real winner was the ginger cheesecake. Perfectly zingy and refreshing after all the strong main course flavours.  The coconut reika is my staple favourite and wraps up the Wagamama experience perfectly.

If you're Cardiff based and you're intrigued by all my food adventures get yourself over to the St David's Eat Club. Once you're signed up you'll be the first to know about all things foodie whether it's new openings or special offers, cooking inspiration and recipes. Wagamama frequently revamp their menu so it's worth keeping up to date with!

So all in all Jade's first visit went pretty well. We both rolled home completely happy with our experience. No doubt I'll be back soon.

NB: I was invited to Wagamama's through St. David's Cardiff but all opinions are my own

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  1. Your dish looks so great! I haven't had wagamama in a while but I think I'll go for that next time I go.

    Belle in Black and White

  2. I LOVE Wagamama! Unfortunately, our closest ones are all an hours drive away, so it's a bit of a treat for us! I always order the pad thai or raisakuree curry too haha! I always plan to get something different, but always end up back with those two, though I do like a Katsu curry every so often! I might have to give the duck donburi a little try next time.
    Ooh you should try the pickles and kimchi - my absolute favourite. I've been known to order 5 portions of pickles for takeout haha!
    xo April | April Everyday


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