Saturday, 15 October 2016

Rio de Janeiro

It's so good to be back in Rio. 

Even just stepping off the plane felt like a tonic for the soul. It's such a long flight from Heathrow, 11 hours 40 to be exact, and getting off the plane and it be warm is almost enough to make up for the long trip. 

Jet lag laid me low for the first two days, it's only 4 hours behind the UK but those are surprisingly substantial and for the first two days I was waking up at 5:30 thinking I was late for work. It was a great excuse to see the sunrise over the mountains but it also meant that the days have felt very long. But it wasn't anything that walks along the beach and the promise of a fresh coconut couldn't fix.

Rio is still riding out the tail end of the Olympic high and seeing it in person rather than through the television has been amazing.

It just feels really good to be 'home' and to be with my parents. Having the opportunity to relax without the dread of working looming over me feels so great and in all honesty I haven't felt so relaxed in months. Being with my family after the long separation that we always have is soothing and invigorating all at once. We haven't seen each other in 3 months so there's always lots to talk about and they energise me with their plans and we talk about my future together. It's giving me my much needed focus.

Most of my days here have been spent on morning adventures with my mum, further exploring the downton area of Rio and also our own neighbourhood in a little more depth. The afternoons are usually spent with me snoozing on the sofa or working my way through the books that have been stacking up in my Kindle. It's things that I barely make time for when I'm in the UK. I couldn't tell you a book that I've read start to finish in the last three months, so having that time here to do that guilt free feels amazing.

My favourite spot in the house is the sofa which is right by the floor to ceiling high windows, it's perfect for people watching and better than television. I've only had my laptop on to edit these photos, other than that my Netflix account has basically remain untouched.

I have talked about my love for Rio and Brazil before and it's still very much gripping me.

We had a 'sliding doors' moment a few days into my stay, had we left to get a metro just a mere 15 minutes later than we did, we would have witnessed a shootout with the police and some drug dealers. It went on all day but we were in Downtown so had no idea it was going on. Three drug dealers were killed. 

So far my experiences here have been amazing and nothing has happened to me or my family to marr the experience of being here. 

But it did serve as a stark reminder how difficult life can be here for the people that are just trying to live their life and go about their daily routine. I get to experience Rio is such a privileged way that I know is not available to everyone. It just makes me so thankful but also it makes me appreciate the Brazilian spirit of resilience and joy. Every single person I meet here, and that's no exaggeration, is so kind and warm hearted despite all the hardships. 

Brazil and the Brazilians are a country and people like no other.

Rather unexpectedly during my stay it's not even so much the specific adventures we go on that are the most fun. It's the 'routine' and normal things that are often the most fun.

Mum had built herself a nice little routine in Rio and so Friday's are always market day. The stall holders amuse us by telling us we're sisters, giving us a freebie flower and pushing the tastiest fruit samples towards us. I still haven't tasted better strawberries and the avocados here are the size of a small baby's head rather than the small fist sized ones we have in the UK.

I've found myself not wearing make up and not stressing about how I look or how my body looks in all the summer clothes I brought with me. If there's anything I've learnt from all my time in Brazil so far it's that life is for the living and for enjoying.

More soon!

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  1. Aaaah amazing photos as always. Good to hear you're having such a nice time!


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