Saturday, 8 October 2016

The Month That Was: September

September flew by so quickly, so quickly that in fact I'm sat at the airport writing this whilst I'm waiting to board my flight to Rio De Janeiro (insert dancing lady emoji).

September is one of my favourite months, it's always a beautiful lead into October. The weather is usually glorious without involving too much sweating. My month was mostly a mixture of eating out a lot and my bank balance suffering, but in the flip side it also involved a lot of training for my first half marathon which was gruelling.

More on my half marathon later, as that technically took place in October, but the training for it was exhausting. Not even necessarily the running bit which I tried to force myself to do three times a week. Heading into September meant I was in the homestretch of my half marathon prep and it does take a mental toll on you. It's been in the back of my mind for months and by the time September was drawing to an end I was just ready to get the half out of the way so I could focus on other things.

The upside is that Cardiff is a runner's dream. I only have to run for a few minutes before I reach Roath Park lake which is always beautiful in the late September light. As the days get darker sooner I'm trying to make the most of still being able to run alone outside without getting too freaked out.

Like I said, September involved a lot of eating and a lot of coffee drinking. My latest and favourite addition to Cardiff's Coffee scene is Brodie's Coffee Co. The brain child of Ian and Danni who found their coffee calling whilst they were travelling, they serve up delicious cappuccinos and anything else with a hefty dose of caffeine in it. Danni and Ian initially were serving coffee out of a refurbished camper van before finding the perfect location in Cardiff, just a stone's throw from Cardiff Museum.

Supervised by Joe I attempted to make a flat white, coffee art aside I think I did a pretty good job. The bonus in all of this is that Baby Brodie makes frequent appearances and if you don't think he's absolutely gorgeous I'm willing to fight you over it.

Food haunts this month included a visit to Locke and Remedy for a sample of their new menu, which as per usual didn't disappoint.  Special shout outs also go to the usual Juno Lounge and The Early Bird for managing to still whip up an amazing spread even when they are absolutely rammed. The students are back for their first term so it means all my favourite brunch spots are a little more crowded than I normally like it.

My Austrian sister Fiona decided to abandon me for London so we also had a send off meal at Tenkaichi. I went for a cats chicken bento box and pretty much demolished it. It also gave us an excuse to use all the bloody sushi emojis in our Instagrams. Which is obviously important.

So as you are reading this I should almost have crossed the Atlantic and be nearing Rio de Janeiro. I haven't been out since December and have had such itchy feet to get out of the UK. I've given myself 2 well deserved weeks out of the office for some rest and relaxation with my family.

I would say I'll keep you up to date with blog posts but every time I've tried to do that I just haven't bothered.  All adventures will of course be well documented on my instagram as per usual.

See you on the other side!



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  1. Huge congrats on completing the half marathon - I'm hoping to pluck up the courage to enter in 2017! xx
    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  2. Hope you have an amazing time in Rio! Looking forward to the photos as always :)


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