Monday, 21 November 2016

Nina Eats - Cosy Club Cardiff

So winter is here at last. Whilst there are some people focusing on their Christmas diets (what even are these??), I'm working tirelessly on my winter insulation. 

There's something about this time of year that seems to make eating all of the comfort food within your reach perfectly acceptable. I'm not one for glitzy party dresses, bring on the knitwear and onesies. So when my friend Steph and I were invited to test out the new Cosy Club winter menu who were we to resist?

Cosy Club is beautifully located at the top of The Hayes, in the heart of St David's Shopping which makes it perfect for people watching from a safe distance. 

The decor is as the name would suggest - rather cosy. You easily feel like you could while many an hour away here. The staff are very attentive and make sure you've got everything you need in order to get settled in.

Part of their newly adapted winter menu includes some rather tasty new additions to their tapas menus. Steph and me demolished the goat's cheese and spinach croquettes that came with a nice and tangy tomato tapenade. The garlic mushrooms also went down a treat as did the pulled chicken with chorizo and crispy potatoes.

Previously when I've had tapas at the 'Loungers Group' I've found the tapas to be a little beige and flavourless but it seems they've got the hang of these now.

For mains I overshot how hungry we were going to be and insisted we also order cheesy garlic bread. This really wasn't necessary but there are some things that just seem to hit the spot and cheesy garlic bread just is one of those things.

Steph went with a delicious looking buttermilk chicken with chips and a side of coleslaw. I can confirm having tried some that the chicken was cooked perfectly and not dry, which is so easily done and can ruin a meal.

My eyes were bigger than my stomach (for once) and I ordered the mac and cheese with maple glazed bacon. I peaked during the tapas starters where I couldn't resist the bread with police oil and balsamic vinegar, so I'm not going to lie I struggled to get through this. But it was everything you want mac and cheese to be - crispy topping, nicely cooked pasta and flavoursome cheese. Definitely the perfect winter warmer.

All washed down with some cocktails (the cherry Bakewell cocktail comes highly recommended), Steph and me rolled home to pass out in front of The Apprentice. Because that's what winter is all about, good food and then lying on the couch to nap it off.

Cosy Club do lots of events, some evenings they have live music and they also show the rugby which is very important if you live in Wales (whether you want to watch or whether you just need to know when to avoid town). If you want a place with a beautiful view, value for money and a nice atmosphere then look no further. If you need even more tempting, they do delicious breakfasts too.

They also let you book you Christmas shindig with them so have a look if you're the one stuck organising the party this year.

I'm sure I'll be back before I know it!

NB: I was invited to eat at Cosy Club by St. David's but all opinions and thoughts are my own

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  1. Uhm, what's a Christmas diet and who does that? Those food just made me hungry for my next meal, btw. And yay for coziness and knit sweaters for Christmas! If only California weather is suitable for all these winter clothes I want to wear. *sigh*

  2. Sounds amazing, I hope you enjoyed it! X

  3. oh my god, such a cosy place... and the food looks decadent!! 2 words: GLAZED BACON.


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