Monday, 12 December 2016

Don't Wanna Feel Blue Anymore

Coat: New Look Scarf: H&M Boots: Topshop Bag: Vintage | Inspired by Marina

Okay so I have to admit that for all of November I was in a massive slump.

Something about November was beyond exhausting for me. I've been feeling lonely but then the thought of socialising and being around other people was exhausting. I felt so lonely in my empty flat but I didn't have the energy to want to be around other people. I'd lost any desire to go running, which after all the work I put into my half marathon was a real shame. 

I get into these kinds of slump at least once a year but they've never lasted as long as this slump.

Maybe it's because 2016 has been so bloody awful that now that we're so close to the end our exhaustion levels are high.

The things that are keeping my thoughts in perspective is that at the end of the day I've got a pretty sweet deal. A week ago I got some heartbreaking news that put all of my own stupid bullshit into perspective.

I have a flat that I can call my own, I have friends that make me belly laugh and a job that lets let me feed my obsessive need to collect a new pair of boots on a weekly basis. To top it all off I also get to escape the country to warm and sunny Brazil for two weeks to spend the festive period with my family.

I know that I should just 'snap out' of my blue mood but sometimes it feels like crawling out a hole that you dug yourself. But there we have it, because my life really could be much much worse.

At the end of the day we endure much more than we think we can.

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